Circular sawing machine - Plate Circular Saw Machine


  • Specifications
  • Configuration Table
Max. sawing thickness(mm)100
Max. sawing width(mmm)1000
Saw blade size(mm)φ 425 x 2.7 x 2.3/60t
PVD:4/15/90, Kuef:2.7
Machine Flange size(φmm)50
Saw blade speed(m/min)20-100
Saw blade motor(kw)17.3
Hydraulic motor(kw)2.2
Feed motor(kw)1.8
Material feeding motor(kw)0.85
Hydraulic oil(L)140
Machine size(mm)4.5 x 2.5 x 2.5
Machine weight(KG)
Finished length tolerance(mm)0.1
Remnant length(mm)200
Bed height(mm)720
Category of configurationFunctional descriptionCP-10010PRO

Exterior Protection Sheet Metal

CE standard fully enclosed protection
Saw Feed System45 degree servo feed×
0 degree servo feed
Electric ApplianceDoor open automatic power off function
CE Electrical Safety
Main drive permanent magnet motor×
Main drive servo motor
Siemens PLC
Microlubrication system
Oil mist filter
Cutting pipe blast device×
Cabinet air conditioner
LED working light
HYDRAULICAutomatic chip conveyor
Vise pressure regulator
Power Brush×
Nesting Clamping System
Oil cooling fan filter
Automatic lubrication device for guide rail
MATERIAL FEEDINGRoller type work table
Simple Roller table×
Servo Feed
1.5M power output material table×
2M Servo Power output material table×
Short material pulling device (third set of clamps)×
6M power output material table (rectangular material)×
6M power output material table (bar material)×
6M power output material table (Trapped material storage)×
● : Standard    ○ : 0ptional   × : Non-optional