Circular sawing machine - 45 Degree Feed Series


  • Specifications
  • Configuration Table
Cutting capacity Round(mm)15-80
Cutting capacity Square(mm)15-60
Saw blade size(mm)315 x 2.3 x 2.0
PVD:4/11/63, Kuef:2.25
Machine Flange size(φmm)32
Saw blade speed(m/min)30-160
Saw blade motor(kw)11
Hydraulic motor(kw)2.2
Feed motor(kw)2.9
Material feeding motor(kw)0.85
Hydraulic oil(L)60
Cutting oil(L)2
Machine size(mm)exclude roller table2300 x 2200 x 2300
Machine weight(KG)+roller table≈4200+750
Bed height(mm)923
Category of configurationFunctional descriptionC-80PRO

Exterior Protection Sheet Metal

CE standard fully enclosed protection
Saw Feed System45 degree servo feed
0 degree servo feed×
Electric ApplianceDoor open automatic power off function
CE Electrical Safety
Main drive permanent magnet motor
Main drive servo motor×
Siemens PLC
Microlubrication system
Oil mist filter
Cutting pipe blast device
Cabinet air conditioner
LED working light
HYDRAULICAutomatic chip conveyor
Vise pressure regulator
Power Brush
Nesting Clamping System
Oil cooling fan filter
Automatic lubrication device for guide rail
MATERIAL FEEDINGRoller type work table×
Simple Roller table
Servo Feed
1.5M power output material table
2M Servo Power output material table
Short material pulling device (third set of clamps)
6M power output material table (rectangular material)
6M power output material table (bar material)
6M power output material table (Trapped material storage)
● : Standard    ○ : 0ptional   × : Non-optional